Still no interview? What every job seeker needs to read.


“I’ve applied for so many job ads and I still haven’t been called for an interview”


Sound familiar?


As a recruiter I go through 100’s of CVs each day and one of the things that astonishes me is when candidates apply for jobs they have no experience in.


Is this you?


This usually just means that you haven’t taken the time to read the job ad properly – which will cause unnecessary stress to you as the job seeker and make you start feeling like there is nobody that will hire you – when in actual fact – you are perfect for a job – just not that one!


You are not doing yourself any favors by doing this – please stop and use your time wisely when applying for jobs.


When I see a CV that really stands out the candidate is very clear about the job specifications, even if there is no cover letter the person’s skills and background clearly match the job description and they have good experience. This shows that the person has done the following:


  • Taken the time to read the full job spec
  • Knows what line of work they are best suited for
  • Looks at the location of the job (Local / National)


It’s important to go into a job search with an end result in mind. Know what experience you have and have an idea of the area of expertise you are wanting to progress in. By doing this you will spend less time applying for jobs that have limited chance of success.


Always remember that your CV is the only thing we see which means it should represent you well – having said that its important to give the reader a sense of who you are so please add in a short paragraph about yourself and your interests.


Wishing you a good job search,


Career Studio Team

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