Interview Guidelines


You have been invited to an interview and maybe you have been to a few or this is your first one in a while, either way you are nervous and want to make a good impression that puts you in the front of the line for that job of your dreams!

Going for an interview can be a nerve wrecking experience and you never really know what will be asked which makes it difficult to be prepared.
However there are a few things that are important to be well rehearsed before an interview. My most important message I want to get across is to assume that the person interviewing you has never seen your CV and knows nothing about you. This is your chance to shine and stand out from the crowd and ensure that you mention those important points on your CV.

1. Know who will be conducting the interview – who will be present and try find out their position at the company. This way when you are introduced you do not feel as much pressure to remember everyone’s names and you should feel more comfortable knowing who will be present. It also gives you the opportunity to prepare questions and responses by being aware of who is attending the meeting.

2. Arrive 10 minutes early – first impressions matter and being late is not a good start. Arriving a few minutes early allows you settle and observe the environment. Remember as much as you are being interviewed by the company – you are also getting an opportunity to see your potential new employers work environment.

3. Know your CV – it’s important to know what is on your CV! Make sure that you know the dates of your previous employment, your role at the company and any qualifications you have. You do not need to recite this word for word but if you are asked questions around this you need to have clear and confident answers.

4. Reason you want to leave your current job – why do you want to leave? Career growth/retrenchment, etc. This is commonly asked and you don’t want to think of this on the spot. It does not need to be a long story but you should have an answer for this.

5. Why should they hire you – what are you bringing to the table: experience/qualifications, etc. if they have
20 great candidates that are being interviewed what do you have that will add value to their company?

6. Do your research – it is so important to research the company and job spec. Some of the more important items to know are:

  • Where are the offices based where you will be working [is the office accessible to you?]
  • What will the working hours be?
  •  Know what vacancy you are applying for, read the job spec before attending the interview and ensure that you meet the minimum requirements as specified on the job spec.

These simple points should help you sail through your interview with confidence!

Good luck from us at Career Studio

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